Bespoke Orthotics

Orthotics are arch supports which go inside your shoes, Podiatric Biomechanics is the science of foot function and movement. Orthotics realign the body and redistribute the weight so the the foot can function better. If you suffer from foot pain orthotics are made individually depending on each patient’s foot requirements. They can be made to fit into normal everyday boots, shoes, brogues, and trainers.

Permanent casted orthotics are specifically tailored to the patients needs. They are made in a laboratory from a material ranging from a carbon fibre to softer cushioning material depending on level of control required.

The human foot from an evolutionary perspeective is better adapted to walk on soft surfaces such as sand and earth. Nowadays we for the most part walk on hard flat surfaces such as pavement and tile flooring. This can cause our feet to Pronate (roll inwards) or to Supinate (roll outwards). If this happens excessively, problems can develop and this is where our Bespoke Orthotics can help.

We combine traditional methods and state of the art technology to accurately study your body's motion, foot-stability, gait style and compensatory habits.

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