Chiropody is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle conditions. The foot is an amazingly intricate structure made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and 19 muscles, 107 ligaments and many tendons to hold the bones in place to enable flexibility. Poor alignment of the foot can affect hips, back and knees. If left untreated this can severely effect your ability to move around efficiently.

I have the specialized knowledge and skill to effectively manage and treat foot problems within all age groups from school children to the elderly.

I also design bespoke orthotics to be used in patients shoes to re-align the body thus alleviating structural problems which cause pain and reduced mobility. Prefabricated insoles are also available where comfort, protective cushioning and support is required. If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed below why not give me a call today to arrange an appointment.


  • Adult Foot Care
  • Aging Foot Care
  • Children Foot Care


Helomata (corns)
Ingrown nails
Cracked heels
Heel pain
Mortons neuroma
Plantar fasciitis
Fungal nail infections

Nail cutting
Onychogryphosis (thick discoloured nails)
Loss of elasticity
Sensory impairment
Vascular impairment
Oedema + Cellulitis
Raynauds disease
Burning feet
Hammer toes
Arthritic deformities
Varicose eczema

Ingrowing nails
Sweaty feet with bad odour
Arch/ankle/knee pain espeially during exercise
Trauma to nails/sprains and muscle strain
Poor gait
Tinea pedis (athletes foot)
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